I suppose if I ever want to join Young Ezra Klein on Chris Matthews' prestigious guest list, I probably shouldn't draw attention to Chris Matthews' odd bout of on-air sexual harassment here:

That comes to me via Jessica Valenti who also offers links to discussion from Shakespear's Sister, the Carpetbagger Report, and Media Matters.

It's hard to understand what must be going through Matthews' head as he decides this is a good way to behave while on the air. He's been doing the show for years now; he's no novice to the genre. One can only assume he's just become so accustomed to the accountability-free zone that is being a cable news host -- after all, listening to Matthews talk has never been a knowledge-enhancing activity, and yet he has this successful TV career -- that his mental filters have atrophied or something. It's not the first sexist episode we've seen from Matthews by any means, but it's possible the most bizarre.

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