The Coming Swoon

Kevin Drum and Ilan Goldenberg raise some doubts as to how trustworthy David Petraeus' much-anticipated September report on the "surge" is really going to be. And, of course, they're right to. I'm not sure what else one would expect -- when people self-evaluate, they usually come up with positive accounts of themselves. Besides which, as long as Petraeus thinks what he's doing is working on any level, he's going to decide that he ought to exaggerate how well it's working in hopes of bolstering support. And, of course, if the war ever does end Petraeus is going to want it to be because politicians decided to end it despite his brilliant successes rather than because he failed.

At any rate, it seems safe to assume that the most recent round of congressional junkets has adequately previewed what we're going to hear in DC, namely some misleading spinning of the Anbar Awakening plus some unconvincing data about declining civilian casualties plus the usual screwed up political situation.