Because the healthy lads and ladies who work for the New York City's Department of Corrections have acquired the moniker of New York's Boldest, this is the weekly corrections column.

It's been a while since I wrote a corrections post. That's not because I haven't made errors... just because I haven't had the time to compile all of them. This week I:

1. Referred to Rep. Bart Stupak as Rep. Bart "Starpark."

2. Reasoned that Michigan had 31 counties. It has way more.

3. Failed to check my phone messages, thereby depriving the Florida Democratic Party of a chance to respond to a post about their delegate situation with the DNC.

4. Stole CNN video of Barack Obama's three-pointer.

5. Failed to mention that John Brabender's entire firm, BrabenderCox, will be assisting Rudy Giuliani.

6. Failed to appropriately credit NBC News's Mark Murray for pointing me to John Edwards's use of the "Lincoln bedroom" accusation against Sen. Clinton.

7. Forgot, twice, to put the "ex" before Mitt Romney's gubernatorial title.

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