Squibs, 8/7

Barack Obama never said he'd invade Pakistan -- although this was the AP headline over a story about last week's counterterrorism speech -- "Obama backs sending U.S. troops into Pakistan" -- and inquiring Iowans want to know what he meant. In deep red part of Iowa yesterday, Obama explained that he would resort to military action against terrorism training camps only if all other measures failed, if the threat were real, and other ifs.

Words have consequences; Pakistanis burned the American flag after hearing reports of Obama's remarks. And today in Chicago, Pakistani-Americans are prepared to protest.

## An editorial page writer for the Columbia State calls John Edwards a "phony."

## Having learned his lesson, Sen. Tom Harkin will abstain from endorsing until after the Iowa caucuses, he tells O. Kay Henderson.

## Since I last wrote about Fred Thompson, his campaign leaked its announcement date -- September. 5. in Nashville, unveiled its new website, and posted some more Fred commentaries on conservative websites. The Washington Post wrote an entertaining, but balanced story about Jeri Kehn Thompson. She is also not, apparently, a lawyer.