Squibs, 8/2: Edwards Challenges Dems On News Corp. Donations

Item: John Edwards defends the Wall Street Journal from the rapacious grasp of Rupert Murdoch. He issues a challenge to fellow Dems: "News Corp’s purchase of the Dow Jones Co. and The Wall Street Journal should be the last straw when it comes to media consolidation. “Moreover, given Fox News’ consistent efforts to demean Democrats - they have attacked the character of Senator Obama, Vice President Gore, and many others - no Democrat running for president should accept campaign money from top News Corp executives. So, today, I’m challenging every Democratic presidential candidate to refuse contributions from News Corp executives and return any they've already taken, beginning with Rupert Murdoch."

Meaning: Nice way to bracket YearlyKos. Watch for Edwards to mention this challenge in his forum appearance Saturday.

(Mr. Murdoch contributed $2300 to Sen. Hillary Clinton.)