There's something about Karl Rove that summons everybody's inner James Jesus Angleton, where every comment is automatically assumed to be part of an elabroate disinformation.

Associates of Rove's say he believes Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. They say he does not believe Barack Obama or John Edwards will be the nominee.

And -- more importantly, If Rove were trying to drive Democrats toward Hillary Clinton, wouldn't he label Clinton an "anti-war liberal" rather than echo the themes that are currently being employed by Clinton's opponents? (i.e., she's too polarizing), etc.

Doesn’t that just create a situation where Clinton is being hit from the left and right at the same time? How does that drive Democrats to her?

As Sen. Obama's aides have pointed out, it probably doesn't hurt Obama's contention that Clinton represents the politics of polarization when Karl Rove calls her out.

So maybe Rove tried to attack John Kerry in 2004 to divert attention from Sen. John Edwards. Did it work? Did any Democrat listen to Rove? Does anyone remember Rove's attacks being a turning point in the Democratic primary race?

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