Does John Edwards consistently beat Hillary Clinton in head-to-head matchups against Rudy Giuliani in national polls?

Says a senior Clinton adviser of this memo from Edwards pollster Harrison Hickman: "If 'Edwards' is Hickman’s secret code name for 'Hillary Clinton,' then he is correct."

They point out that, because Edwards has dropped into single digits in some national Democratic primary polls, fewer pollsters are testing him against Republicans.

And in some of the most recent national and state polls, Clinton seems to have a comparable lead -- or even, in case, a bigger lead. Consider Quinnipiac's six-day national survey ending 8/13.

Clinton: 46 Giuliani: 43
Edwards: 43 Giuliani: 42

The California-based Field poll:

Clinton: 52 Giuliani: 37
Edwards: 47 Giuliani: 42

The Concord Monitor's latest poll (July)

Clinton: 47 Giuliani: 45
Edwards: 43 Giuliani: 44

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