Reprehensable and Crazy? Sounds Good to Me!

It seems that when Tom Tancredo got asked about the fact that the State Department called his plan to bomb Mecca and Medina to deter terrorism "reprehensable" and "absolutely crazy" he came up with this reply:

"Yes," Tancredo answered. "The State Department -- boy, when they start complaining about things I say, I feel a lot better about the things I say, I'll tell you right now."

It's striking to recall how recently it was that this sort of "if the knowledgeable professionals at the State Department think it's a bad idea, it must be the right thing to do" mentality was conventional wisdom among conservatives and liberal hawks -- "Arabists" was a term of derision to indicate people without the vision and idealism necessary to give us a horrifying bloodbath in Iraq and call it democracy.