More Seriousness

One key example of the mainstreaming of crackpottery that I mentioned earlier is things like the Max Boot. Here he is with a column explaining that George W. Bush's endorsement of goofy revisionist accounts of Vietnam was "a skillful bit of political jujitsu." He holds a variety of other crackpot views and has for years. His latest piece is in the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal, which are well-known venues for crackpottery and factually inaccurate claims. And, indeed, it was as a Wall Street Journal editorialist that he got his start.

Meanwhile, he's now also a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

That hardly means every other fellow at the CFR -- much less every "member" -- is a bad person with dumb ideas, but you can see why this sort of thing leads liberals to not have such warm feelings about the Council, especially when you consider that Boot tends to (undeservedly) have a much higher media than do worthier CFR types like Ray Takeyh.