So how about that political progress in Iraq? Well, Time says it's actually a fraud. See more from Kevin Drum, Marc Lynch, and Ilan Goldenberg. Basically, the Iraqi cabinet seems to have cobbled something meaningless together so that Ryan Crocker can go before congress and say that just when it looked like the administration was going to need to report (fake) security progress but no political progress -- bam! -- in the nick of time along comes some (fake) political progress.

The difference, one assumes, is that Crocker and Petraeus won't be mentioning the part about how it's all fake. Then whatever they say, Bush will further exaggerate three or four notches, while Dick Cheney goes for five or six and Condoleezza Rice keeps her reasonable rep by leaving it at one or two notches of additional misleadingness. I'm excited. Have I mentioned that Bush wants $50 billio more dollars and that maybe all this cash we've been throwing away on Iraq had instead funding productive investments (be they public or private sector) wages might be going up instead of down?