National and state Democratic officials are pushing back on a Fox News report that IA and NH leaders are considering a deal where Iowa would hold its caucus on Jan. 5. and NH would set its date for Jan. 12.

"That's just not true," Carrie Giddins, the Iowa Democratic Party's communications director tells me. There have been no discussions with New Hampshire yet, and Chet Culver, Iowa's governor, intends for New Hampshire to set its date before Iowa decides what to do.

"We are not anywhere near setting another date," says Giddins. "No other date has come up because we have no idea what New Hampshire is going to do."

As Giddins was talking to me about the Fox News story, correspondent Carl Cameron was right around the corner, asking Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley about the calendar shifts. Grassley hinted that the Iowa legislature should think seriously about getting rid of a mandate to hold the caucus eight days before any other contest.

"I'd rather have it a day before New Hampshire's rather than in December," he said.

Separately, a senior Democratic official concedes that the Jan. 5/Jan 12 scenario is a possibility... although it is one of many scenarios Iowa's governor is considering.

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