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What was Iyad Allawi's Post op-ed yesterday trying to say? It's like it's written in a slightly strange foreign language. Andrew Sullivan says he's asking Bush to help him engineer a coup, but that's not the sort of message I would try to communicate on an op-ed page. He does, however, clearly call for "change at the top of the Iraqi government and also try to pitch whatever it is he's pitching to moderate Democrats as well, promising "the withdrawal of the majority of U.S. forces over the next two years, and that, before then, gradually and substantially reduces the U.S. combat role."

I hope this kind of mucking around is too crazy for anyone to seriously consider. That said, a lot of people's approach to Iraq is just decide in advance that giving up isn't an option, so we need to try literally anything -- possibly including this -- before we admit we need to get out.

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