Thanks to the miracle of pre-scheduled blog posts, this is being posted at 10:30 in the morning even though, with any luck, I'm actually on a plane to Chicago right now. And why am I going to Chicago? Ostensibly, because of the YearlyKos convention. The real truth, however, is more complicated and more delicious.

A little while back, you see, I was flying to DC from Albuquerque and had a layover in Midway Airport. Looking for something to eat, I came across a place selling what looked like a delicious pastrami sandwich like from the lost Jewish delis of my youth. I ordered one and . . . it was improbably great for airport food. Turned out to be an airport branch of a real Chicago delicatessen -- Manny's. Well, I thought to myself, if only I had a pretext to get work to send me to Chicago at some point. And then the solution emerged: YearlyKos. I do, however, take my work seriously and promise to provide top-notch coverage of non-sandwich aspects of the convention.

UPDATE: Oh, I -- I screwed up and accidentally hit the "publish" button. I'm not leaving for Chicago until tomorrow morning. Bad day. Oy.

Photo by Flickr user Pemanently Scatterbrained used under a Creative Commons license

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