How McCain Plans To Get His Groove Back

According to an aide to Sen. John McCain, September is "crucial" to the well-being and continued existence of the campaign.

McCain has already been booked on major television shows to discuss Gen. David Petraeus's report.

He'll take major bus tours through early primary states, holding at least a dozen town-hall style events in each.

Later in the month, he and several of his POW brothers will participate in what the campaign calls its "No Surrender" tour, urging Americans to consider the implications of an Iraq withdrawal. The key words: McCain's biography, his courage, his service.

Look for McCain to make two major policy speeches in September: one will focus on energy; the other, on health care.

And then fundraisers. The campaign, wisely, isn't setting any expectations, but aides insist that McCain is comfortable with the amount of money coming in.