Hitting 'em Where They Ain't

Josh Marshall on the recent unpleasantness regarding Pakistan:

The unspoken truth here, I suspect, is that Obama has struck on the central folly of our post-9/11 counter-terrorism defense policy -- strike hard where they aren't and go easy where they are. I think everyone can see this. But Obama got there first. So they need to attack him for saying it.

It's not, though, just that he got there first. As I've said before, it's that it's much easier for him to get there. It's one thing for Hillary Clinton to concede error in her estimation of George W. Bush and gesture at faulty intelligence, but it'd be another thing for her to pivot around and say the whole thing was just a really blunt, crude, and obvious error. What happens then to the experience argument? But Josh is right: That's what this is about on some level.