He Forgot About Pakistan


I don't blame politicians for not having off-the-shelf brilliant solutions to the question of what our policy toward Pakistan should be, but Ilan Goldenberg's surely right that something's amiss when Rudy Giuliani spends 6,000 words on foreign policy and doesn't mention Pakistan at all.

This, though, is the neocon two-step we've been living with for years. Despite the talk of "The Terrorists' War on Us" the folks Giuliani has associated himself with don't care about al-Qaeda terrorism. Before 9/11 they mostly wanted a war with China, and then secondarily wars with Iraq, Iran, and Syria. These days, it's more like they primarily want a war with Iran and Syria (they already got Iraq) with China and maybe Russia as second-tier priorities. Fighting al-Qaeda isn't even a close second -- it's just not on the map.