For Dodd, A Major Endorsement

The Politico's Ben Smith has news of the International Association of Fire Fighters' impending endorsement of Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT)

That means the Firefighters, the first union to endorse Sen. John Kerry in 2004, won't endorse Hillary Clinton or Bill Richardson, two reliable allies.

Dodd, meanwhile, gets a major boost, particularly in New Hampshire, where the Firefighters union takes politics seriously and provides serious help to its endorsed candidate on primary day.

Why Dodd? No official word yet, but it's probably because the IAFF could not ignore his long Senate history of providing tangible political and material benefits to its members.

What if other unions are forced to choose between Dodd and Joe Biden on the one hand, and the top tier candidates (Clinton, Obama, Edwards) on the other? On record alone, it's hard to give the latter group the nod.

So we may be in for more Dodd endorsements....