Brian Beutler explains why there are so few outlets available here at YearlyKos:

The McCormick Convention Center is, unsurprisingly, operated by a series of labor groups who, working hand in hand, rip apart the building and put it back together to fit the needs of whichever group happens to be renting space here. So for YearlyKos, the teamsters, and the plumbers, and the electricians all come in to haul partitions, and divert piping, and... lay wiring. One catch is, of course, that the more wiring you need, the more you have to pay. The other, less obvious catch, is that any wiring you try to do yourself--running extension chords and power strips across the room--might well violate your contract and cost you a big fine. So the result is a lot of dead laptop batteries. At a frickin' blogger convention.

But now here's the catch. At his booth, John Edwards has three seemingly unauthorized power strips (one of which is pictured above) and Barack Obama has one. Hillary Clinton's booth, by contrast, is clean, proving once again that experience makes a difference.

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