Josh Patashnik at TNR hits back on my remarks about targeted programs for the poor:

Instead of having targeted programs whose funding comes under attack in lean times, you'd just have an incredibly difficult time getting any programs passed in the first place (which is, presumably, why Kaine is opting for the means-tested version). Does he really think Kaine should pass up the chance to get more poor Virginia kids into preschool now in the hope that a universal program can be implemented at some future date, or that the federal government will suddenly step in?

Do I "really" think Kaine should avoid passing the best program he can pass? No. Which is why I don't think I ever said that. A governor's got to do the best he can do. What I am saying is that we should probably have limited expectations about what even the best state-level politicians can achieve on this issue without, at a minimum, a substantial infusion of federal funds.

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