In a strongly worded letter to the Democratic presidential candidates, DNC chair Howard Dean urges them to abide by the calendar and delegate selection process set out by the committee. Dean does not address what would happen if the candidates stray from the rules and campaign in penalized states like Florida.


"As the leader of the Democratic Party, I strongly urge you to adhere to the 2008 delegate selection rules."

Last weekend, the party's rules and bylaws committee found Florida's proposed Jan. 29 primary in noncompliance. They stripped the state of all of its delegates, pending a decision by Florida to revise its plan. Florida refused and has threatened to sue the DNC for depriving Democrats the right to vote.

"My goal as Chairman, and our objective as a Party, is to structure a nominating process that adheres to rules that are clear, straightforward and published. The vast majority of states have complied with these rules," Dean writes. "The RBC did one thing on Saturday: enforced the Party's rules."

Download Dean's letter here.

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