Sen. Larry Craig will have something to say. Watch it live, at 4:30pm, on your nearest cable network.


The leading cultural conservative group in Idaho is watching anxiously.

Idaho Values Alliance executive director Bryan Fischer urged people to pray for U.S. Sen. Larry Craig and his family, but also called for his resignation if allegations that he engaged in lewd behavior in a Minneapolis airport restroom are true.

"There are disturbing questions raised by the police report that the senator needs to address in full, so that Idahoans will have all the information they need to make an informed judgment about what happened and how it reflects on Sen. Craig's fitness to continue in public office," Fischer said in a Tuesday press release. "If the senator did indeed engage in the behavior to which he pled guilty, then the appropriate thing for him to do is to resign from office."

And -- good news for Mark Foley.

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