Ann Friedman recommends a "great idea" from Eleanor Clift, "Stop asking the Republican candidates where they stand on abortion, and start asking specifically about birth control access." It is a good idea. Clift's specific questions:

Instead of hammering away at the candidates about abortion, Keenan suggests a set of questions far more revealing: do you think it’s OK for a pharmacy to refuse to fill a woman’s prescription for birth-control pills based on the personal views of the pharmacist? Should hospital emergency rooms be allowed to withhold information from a rape victim about the morning-after pill, which can prevent a pregnancy if it’s taken soon enough after the assault? Do you support age-appropriate sex education (with “age-appropriate” the key phrase as to when it’s time to shelve the stork)?

I'm also always curious as to where the opponents of stem cell research stand on issues related to in-vitro fertilization.

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