Mitt Romney's campaign is calling his Ames straw poll effort "Take The Lead," and some of the mail that is showing up in Iowa these days suggests that the campaign is sparing no expense and really, really, wants to win this thing by a large margin.

A mailer sent to us by an Iowan this week shows that the campaign has even figured out a way to reward and incentivize supervolunteers. There are three categories.

"Bring 5: -- Iowans who sign up and bring five friends, relatives, neighbors.

"Bus Captains" -- Iowans who agree to recruit riders to hop on the buses that will appear on Saturday morning in every Iowa county.

"Sign up Iowa" -- Iowans who agree to knock on 50 doors or make 100 telephone calls.

Meet these goals, and you'll be placed on Romney's "Wall of Fame" that will be kept at the campaign's Iowa headquarters and will thus be ever present until the caucuses?

On the way to Ames, riders will be entertained on board their food-filled air conditioned coaches, and somehow, a special message from Romney will be played.

The mailer also brags about the comforts of Romney's straw poll Tent. attendees and mooching reporters can sway to the strains of The Sonny Humbucker Band, which plays rock and alternative, and The Ballyhoo Foxtrot Orchestra, which plays patriotic standards. They'll eat World Class bar-b-q from Ames's own Hickory Farms. And "the kids will love Gee Willie inflatables. The kids can play in a fun, safe, family-friendly environment."

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