Michael Gerson's banal musings on how Shakespeare is good, and partisan meanies are bad, would be merely annoying if not for the fact that it's author is Michael Gerson. Gerson's previous job, you'll recall, was as a partisan political operative working for George W. Bush. All those speeches about how Saddam Husseins nuclear weapons were going to kill your children unless you voted for Republican congressional candidates in 2002? They came out of his shop. Speeches about how John Kerry was going to personally hand your kids over to Osama bin Laden? His shop. Bizarre lies about cuts in the top income tax rate being designed primarily for the benefit of small businessmen? His shop.

At any rate, there's a great article about Gerson not even written by an embittered liberal forthcoming in the new Atlantic that I would link to, quote, etc., etc. but it hasn't come forth yet. Keep your eyes peeled.

Photo by Flickr user grendelkhan used under a Creative Commons license

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