Young Republicans Defend Their Straw Poll

Young Republican convention organizer Brian Graham defended the straw poll against the accuastions it was rigged for Mitt Romney.

Graham, a Romney supporter, sent key Young Republican officials this e-mail, which this column has obtained.

Some folks have gone on to some blogs to try to make our convention look bad. They are complaining about non-YRs voting in the Straw Poll. You will see the issues addressed below. I ask that none of you speak with the Media, instead send them to Jon Woodard to handle.

1. All attendees who purchased meal tickets were allowed to vote in the Straw Poll.

2. The dinner event alone included YR delegates to the convention, YR alternates to the convention, YR guests of the convention, numerous Florida and Broward County YRs, members of the YR Alumni Network, members of the local senior Republican Party, and whomever purchased meal tickets online via the YRNC 2007 website.

3. At the highest point in the convention, there were a total of 600 attendees.

4. There were a total of 366 votes cast in the Straw Poll.

5. The Broward County Supervisor of Elections conducted the Straw Poll.

6. YRNC 2007 never claimed the Straw Poll was open only for delegates/alternates to the convention. It was always made clear that anyone who was registered or purchased meal tickets could vote in the straw poll.

7. All presidential campaigns were aware of the Straw Poll policy prior to the convention and none had voiced opposition to the policy.

8. The convention committee has members who support various Presidential campaigns.

9. The convention was sponsored by several Presidential candidates including Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, and Rudy Giuliani.

And finally:

10. Straw Polls are intended to be fun, not to be scientific.