Yet More On That South Carolina Poll

A veteran observer of Democratic politics points out:

** Four of the last six polls gave Sen. Hillary Clinton a lead of at least 15 points in SC.
** If you increase the percentage of black voters in the sample, since Clinton has a bigger lead among blacks than among whites, her margin would be greater.
** The 2004 exit poll shows that whites made up about 51% of the Democratic primary electorate.

Recent SC polling I've found:

This latest one, with HRC at 43%, Obama at 27%, Edwards at 17%.

ARG polled June 26-30 and had Hillary at 37%, Edwards at 22 percent and Obama at 21%.

Mason Dixon, which polled from June 13 to June 15, had Obama with a 9 point lead over Clinton, 34% to 25%.

A May 31 PPP poll gave Obama a lead within the margin of error.

And a May 16 Winthrop/ETV poll gave Clinton an eight point lead over Obama.

ARG's May sample gave Clinton a 16 point lead over Obama, with Edwards in second place.