What The PoMos Call "Intertextuality"

Discourse meets Discourse! The Universe dissolves!

Jonathan Martin on the day when Romney met the Clintons.

Introducing Josh, Romney began to tell Sen. Clinton about his son's plan to drive around the state.
"He's been driving around" Sen. Clinton shook her head knowingly, like her husband already aware of Josh's travels.
Proving he had been listening to how many stops Josh had made, Bill Clinton than piped up, "He's halfway home!"
"Well, it's a good deal," Sen. Clinton offered
"How many counties have you hit," Romney asked, "45?"
"About 50," Josh quickly responded
"Well, he's over halfway," Sen. Clinton said, demonstrating her knowledge of Iowa's 99 counties. "You've got this built-in campaign team with your sons, boy I tell ya," she added, good naturedly.
"There's nothing like it," Romney replied "If we had known, we would've had more."
At this, Ann Romney got a look on her face is if to say, "not so fast." and everybody enjoyed a good laugh.
"We'll see you guys some more," Mitt Romney said. "Yes you will," Sen. Clinton quickly shot back.