What Obama Spent On Polling (And Other Facts)

## -- In the second quarter, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign spent more than $514K on polling, spread among four different firms. He also spent $116K on online advertising, including $17K to Yahoo.

## -- Hillary Clinton recieved a $2300 donation from Rupert Murdoch.

## -- George Clooney, an Obama donor, did not list an occupation. I think he's an actor.

## -- Clinton spent more than $694K on polling and strategy. That sum was paid to Penn, Schoen and Berland, the home firm of chief stategist Mark Penn.

## -- Both Clinton and Obama use NGP for their fundraising software. NGP seems to brag about... Obama. testimonials.jpg

## -- Clinton's highest paid outside consultant is Karen Hicks, who works in New Hampshire and is heading microtargeting efforts for the campaign.