What Newt's Up to In September

This e-mail was sent to friends of Ms. Bocskor's. It fills in some detail as to what Mr. Gingrich is up to in September, the month he's holding his meta-mega conferences and deciding whether to run for president.

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From: Nancy Bocskor
Subject: American Solutions, Newt Gingrich and me

Good afternoon!


On the evening of September 27 (the 13th anniversary of the unveiling of the Contract with America), and during a day-long workshop on Saturday, September 29, American Solutions will host its inaugural “Solutions Day” activities and reach out across the country to activists, volunteers and all 511,000 elected office holders in America, their staff, and the citizens who are serving or seeking to serve in these offices. Newt will be live from Georgia for these events.

For a “preview” of our September activities, you can a workshop live or via webcast on Monday, July 23 from noon to 6 p.m. that Newt is hosting at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce here in Washington, D.C. Just register at www.americansolutions.com.

American Solutions wants to help create a new wave of transformational change which will move government into the 21st century, will strengthen and revitalize our core values, and will help us protect America against its enemies. The goal of the September workshops is to make these solutions available to activists, volunteers and every candidate from both parties in every elected office in the country.

I’ll make sure all of you will have “Action Packs” and “Tool Kits” so your workshops will be successful. We have an amazing interactive website and other cool tools so anyone in the world can participate. (Yes, I said the “world”!)


Nancy Bocskor

Education Director
American Solutions