War Supporters: The War is Great


I'm shocked, shocked to discover that Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack think the surge is great and should be extended "at least into 2008" (another Freidman unit!) -- who could have guessed? As Greg Sargent notes, the twosome actually tries to present this as a counterintuitive statement by administration critics, though O'Hanlon's been way out in front as a surge booster since it first started (I'm told he's good friends, personally, with General Petraeus, from back in grad school or something) and Pollack, obviously, has been synonymous with the war for years.

I'm going to repeat my desire to see an O'Hanlon Primary -- Democratic contenders can gain my support by providing assurances that Michael O'Hanlon won't be serving in your administration.

Photo by Specialist L.B. Edgar, US Army