War Crimes

Here's a September 25 letter to The Wall Street Journal from General P.X. Kelley, Commandant of the Marine Corps during the Reagan administration, praising a wingnutty Wall Street Journal op-ed as "a superb counterpoint to those 'nay-sayers' who have failed to understand how our commitment [to South Vietnam] did, in fact, stem the tide of Communism in the region." And here he is in the November 25 Washington Post titled "Don't Give Terrorists A Timetable." He's not, in short, much of a liberal.

In today's Washington Post he teams up with Robert F. Turner, a Reagan administration lawyer, to point out that George W. Bush is committing war crimes. I can't imagine Bush or Cheney actually ever being made to stand trial at the Hague but, at a minimum, I look forward to there being some list of countries neither man can visit lest he face an arrest warrant.