Updating The Michigan Primary

Here's an update about the malestrom that is the Michigan primary. There are almost too many factions to keep track of.

A bill scheduling a joint primary for Jan. 29 was supposed to clear the state senate last week. It did not. Backers still expect the bill to pass. But what happens when it goes to the House is anyone's guess. And even if it passes, there's no guarantee that Gov. Jennifer Granholm, facing lots of internal Democratic opposition, will sign it.

Today, Sen. Sam Brownback's campaign announced its opposition to an internal Michigan Republican Party rules change that would institute a nominating convention, rather than a caucus or primary, if the bill fails to pass.

Rob Wasinger, Brownback's campaign manager, said the "proposed rule changes as posted on www.migop.org would take authority away from District Chairs and party activists and put it in the hands of paid staff members and other appointees of the chair who may be biased in the Presidential contest and who do not have the experience of running district caucuses. The authority should remain where it has been for years: in the hands of grassroots Republican activists elected by Republicans across the state."