Tuesday Hezbollah Blogging


Lord knows I'm just the sort of liberal appeaser who thinks we should be trying to promote engagement with Hezbollah, but even I think it's a bit odd for The Washington Post to invite their leader to post in their "on faith" blog. Be that as it may, I don't quite get his sense of humor:

I would like to add, jokingly, that all men in the world, especially civil servants and high officials, are committed to the veil, since they cover all their bodies except their heads, where as the women also veil their breasts and their sexual organs, depending on the concept of sexual excitation that is broader in the Islamic view than the western one.

What? On a more serious note, he allows that "there is a juristic opinion that allows the woman to be a judge. And it is a ruling I am in favor of." And good for him, but he should be warned that it's a slippery slope from woman judges to woman senators and presidential candidates.