Thompson's Mail Firm And Sam Brownback

I reported last Friday that HSP Direct, the vendor chosen to be Sen. Fred Thompson's mail firm, had a "falling out" with Sen. Sam Brownback campaign. The characterization came from a Republican who had direct knowledge of the situation and from the deduction that a content vendor generally doesn't work for two presidential candidates at once.

According to a scour of the Federal Election Commission's website by, Brownback's campaign paid HSP Direct more than $80,000 for direct mail expenses. Now, HSP Direct is slated to work for Thompson, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation.

Today, Jamie Hogan, HSP's chairman, and Rob Wasinger, a Brownback aide, both disputed the characterization and insisted that the Brownback campaign and HSP have a "very close" relationship. They said a rival mail firm spread the story about a falling out.

Hogan declined to comment last Friday, although in fairness to him I did not ask specifically about Brownback's campaign. I should have checked with Wasinger before attempting a description of their relationship. Wasinger said in an e-mail that HSP Direct will continue to work for Brownback. In the face of these denials, I hereby retract the contention that HSP and Sam Brownback's campaign had a "falling out."