Thompson Raises $3.4M, Spends $625,700

$3.4m is more than enough to start up a campaign -- and a not un-impressive sum for a non-candidate to raise. Too bad that unnamed Thompson aides had set expectations for $5M. Heading into July, when he expanded his staff significantly, Thompson had about $2.7M on hand.

Some details, courtesy of the campaign (er, the committee)

The biggest single expense: web hardware, at $66,750. 7,500 or so donors contributed a total of $771,783 through the web. Payroll accounted for $106K. The average donation was $469.8. 148 donors were from Florida, 111 from Georgia, and 780 were from Tennessee -- about 30% of his itemized total. About $282,000 came from lawyers and lobbyists, though only three donors listed their occupation as "lobbyist."

Thompson reimbursed himself $2800 for travel. Departed campaign manager Tom Collamore was paid more than $14,000. The firm employing Michael Toner, Thompson's legal counsel received about $25,000. Jeri Thompson did her work for free.