Thompson Hires A Direct Mail Firm: HSP

In a new sign that Fred Thompson is readying a full-on campaign launch, he's chosen a direct mail fundraising firm, HSP Direct, which is well wired into conservative circuits.

HSP Direct -- Hogan, Schenk and Paul, Inc -- is based in Virginia.

At the beginning of the cycle, Sen. Sam Brownback's presidential campaign used HSP as their direct mail vendor, but the campaign and the company had a falling out.

HSP's chief executive, James Hogan, was trained in direct mail by Republican legend Bruce W. Eberle.

The firm found itself in the news recently by raising money for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.(There's a bit of controversy, chronicled here.)

HSP has also raised money for the College Republican National Committee, the Center for Individual Freedom, the Young Republicans of America, '06 WV SEN candidate Hiram Lewis, and others.

A footnote: Joel McElhannon, a veteran of Georgia Republican politics, is headed to Nashville to take a senior role in Thompson's campaign.