The Week That Was: O Really?

BIll O'Reilly did the Clinton campaign an enormous favor by deeming YearlyKos unacceptable for sober presidential candidates to attend. Clinton aide Howard Wolfson did his boss good by showing up and defending the Kossacks.

Ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is wrapping up a great month for the campaign, one where the Thompson Freeze and the McCain collapse have allowed him to fill some organizational gaps and concentrate on making his economic policy case in New Hampshire. On the other hand, the Michigan Republican Party might throw a wrench in his campaign's Feb. 5 strategy. We'll know more next week.

Bill Richardson is touting another poll showing momentum in Iowa. His debate performance was middling. It's just not his format.

Mitt Romney continued to draw contrasts with Democrats.

Monday's YouTube debate launched the Turning Point of the race so far, as Obama and Hillary engaged in a substantive debate (played out over three days and ending in some nanny-nanny boo-boo) about foreign policy. Obama showed he is capable of being ballsy. Clinton demonstrated that M. Albright and R. Holbrooke still won't get on a conference call together. Both sides proclaimed victory; the press deemed HRC the victor early and then changed its mind.

Jeri Thompson is guiding her husband's presidential quest. Deal with it.

John Edwards set the bar for Democratic economic plans; he's raise taxes on the rich and cut them for the middle class. Despite the hullabaloo over Obama-Clinton, Edwards managed some pretty good press from the MSM and Dems, and some pretty critical jabs from Republicans, which is exactly the right mix for him right now.

What's Next

August begins! Next weekend, the Dems do YearlyKos in Chicago -- it's a mile away from Obama's campaign headquarters. Republicans stump in Iowa ahead of the straw poll. They debate on "This Week" With George Stephanopoulos next Sunday. Fred Thompson hosts a fund raiser in DC.

The Atlantic's Boldest
(our corrections)

1. The name of the DNC's research chief is Mike G-E-H-R-K-E, not Gerkhe.

2. Sam LeBlond was not "the" lead political advance guy for Fred Thompson. He was "a" lead advance guy for Fred Thompson.

3. I made a reporting error.