The Gay Debate; Thompson's Troubles; Edwards, Clinton and Obama

Matt Drudge just loves this headline he wrote: "FIRST PRESIDENTIAL 'GAY DEBATE' ANNOUNCED."

But the August 9 debate is indeed an accomplishment for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights lobby. It suggests that the Democratic presidential candidates either no longer believe gay rights is a real wedge issue, or that they don't care anymore -- gays deserve rights. The debate will be one hour long and will air on LOGO.

One Republican points out that Dems won;'t agree to a Congressional Black Caucus debate (on Fox News)... trying to stir up some civil rights v. gay rights pressure. Hard to imagine that happening -- just this week, the NAACP and other civil rights groups held a press conference in favor of expanding hate crimes protections to include gays.

By the way: which Democratic presidential candidate used a variant of the "F" word in public?

2. Richard Viguerie doesn't trust Fred Thompson.

3. O. Kay Henderson has the wrap-up from Iowa, where Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama jetted in, made speeches, shook hands, and flew back to Washington for votes. John Edwards held a conference call with Iowa reporters. Seems as if both Clinton and Obama managed to build pretty big crowds very quickly.