The Daily Bombast, 7/16

*** HRC's endorsed by Amb. Joe Wilson. Yee haw.

*** Rudy Giuliani unveiled 14 Northwestern Iowa endorsements today, including Terry Lutz, the former of Ft. Dodge, ex-state sen. Jim Kerstein, a state co-chair, and eight Republican county chairs.

*** Marlys Popma, a major pro-life activist and Iowa political organizer, is now a free agent. She's the latest to resign from Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign. BTW: Guess who lead in SC fundraising? You can't lose them all.

*** Tommy Thompson's out with a new radio ad on immigration.

*** Some news from the home office, which is cool:

National Journal Group, Washington’s leading publisher of political and policy news and analysis, and Intrade, the leading prediction market allowing people to trade on political, financial, weather and other events, today announced an exciting new online partnership in which Intrade will supply its leading prediction market technology to National Journal Group, allowing readers and users of to predict and trade on political news and events from the 2008 election.

National Journal Group and Intrade will now work together to build the online prediction market on topics relevant to National Journal Group’s extensive audience of Washington insiders and political junkies. Once the site is live, the market will be open to the public on, and will include information and analysis to inform the users’ trades. Users will be able to compete against each other, using play money as the currency to predict political and current events.