The Clintons Keene On Keene

KEENE -- At 9:55 am ET, Sen. Hillary Clinton was in Washington, D.C., waiting to cast her final vote of the week -- a bill to increase the bounty on Osama Bin Laden's head.

Four hundred forty seven miles away, a capacity crowd of about a thousand residents of Keene, NH and environs fidgeted on a football field. Their call time was 9:30.

There was no warm up act -- no "The Twenty" -- but there was music -- an endless loop of campaign perennials like "We Can" and, thanks to good advance work, food and water. It was hot, but it was dry, and there was a nice breeze.The point of all this is to say that sometimes even being a spectator or a fan can be grueling.

Hillary and Bill Clinton arrived at 11:30. A few minutes later, just as Hillary Clinton began to speak, myself, along with much of the national press corps, were racing to Concord to hear Sen. John McCain speak.