Suing Nelson

I'm a Mark Cuban fan in the vast majority of respects, but this certainly seems to put him in serious WATB territory:

That's according to Don Nelson's attorney, John O'Connor, who said Cuban is suing Nelson, claiming the Warriors beat the Mavs in the first round because the Warriors' coach -- and former coach of the Mavs -- had "confidential information and he [Cuban] wants to enjoin Don from coaching against the Mavericks."

Maybe O'Connor's badly misrepresenting the substance of the lawsuit or maybe there's some hidden aspect to this that I'm unaware of, but this certainly seems pretty ridiculous. There are former members of the Spurs organization sprinkled throughout the league (Mavericks coach Avery Johnson, for example) and they don't recuse themselves from playing against San Antonio.

Photo by Flickr user KK+ used under a Creative Commons license