Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt Guru Endorses Obama

Everyone stops at Stonyfield Farm Yogurt of Londonderry, NH. Run by Gary and Meg Hirshberg, it's the largest organic yogurt concern in the U.S. The Hirsbergs are also major Democratic donors, and theyv'e just endorsed Sen. Barack Obama:

“America is badly divided and in desperate need of new solutions, new ideas, and a new way of conducting politics,” Gary Hirshberg said. “Barack Obama is the candidate who can best help Americans focus on our common strengths and dreams, rather than our differences. We must move forward into the 21st Century and not back to old divisions and Barack will catalyze the change we need—in our disastrous policies, but also in the way the world sees us, and how we see ourselves. Meg and I are thrilled to get to work for Barack here in NH and across the US.”

The Hirshbergs originally endorsed and raised money for ex-IA Gov. Tom Vilsack.