Steel For Steel

Stand up for Steel, a labor-management coalition of the United Steelworkers union and steel companies, has print ads in major Iowa newspapers today urging presidential candidates to protect America's manufacturing base.

Do Iowans care? Do they? According to a release prepared by the campaign:

Yes, they really do, and across party lines. This ad is the beginning of a broader campaign to reach presidential candidates and early state voters. Recent poll results show that the issues of trade, manufacturing and the national security implications of our eroding industrial base are top of mind to these voters. Both Republicans and Democrats in Iowa rate manufacturing job loss, the trade deficit, and the China threat as serious concerns for the election.

Maybe. But there are SO MANY FREAKING OUTSIDE CAMPAIGNS. Some of them are funded by Bill Gates. Try to muscle your way into an already crowded club and you're liable to get thrown out by the bouncer. That said, any Democratic candidate who wants labor support will of course talk about this issue.