Rudy's 2nd Quarter: $15M+ For The Primary

MOUNT PLEASANT, IOWA -- So -- I almost fell for it. When I read the press release from Rudy Giuliani's campaign announcing a $17M second quarter haul, I nearly blogged that he raised $17M this quarter. (Fox News apparently made the mistake!)

That would have violated a rule of this blog: primary receipts and donations are the only two numbers worth noting.

Mitt Romney, of course, sacrificed about $6.5M for his campaign this cycle. Kudos to his campaign for giving us the full picture - $14M raised and a total of $20.5M in receipts.

The upshot: Only Rudy sustained his fundraising pace. But Romney has the capacity to spend whatever he needs to, and it's clear that he intends to spend even more in the future.

A side note: Ex-WI Gov. Tommy Thompson sees "strong growth" in his fundraising. He's up 44% this quarter to $473,126. That's, uh, the largest increase of any candidate.