Powell Non-Bashing

Ari Berman notes a Jerusalem Post article featuring Colin Powell being sensible. "They won an election that we insisted upon having," Powell said. "And so, as unpleasant a group they may be and as distasteful as I find some of their positions, I think through some means, the Middle East Quartet… or through some means Hamas has to be engaged."

The normal next step after Powell says something sensible is to furiously denounce him for having endorsed the policy he's now denouncing back when he was Secretary of State, but the "isolate Hamas" blunder is an entirely post-Powell Bush administration screw-up. His hands are clean!

(well, okay, semi-clean; his public support was important to Bush in the 2000 and 2004 elections so in some sense everything really is his fault)

Photo by Flickr user Charles Haynes used under a Creative Commons license