Pete Seeger, Stalinist

When I was very young, I went to Fieldston Outdoors daycamp, which I recall as having been a generally fun experience, but which involved a lot of annoying folk music, including -- especially -- annoying Pete Seeger songs. Thus, all my life I've harbored a drudge against folk in general and Seeger in particular. Thus, imagine my delight when I discovered years later that Seeger wasn't just another friendly hippie, but actually a hard-core Stalinist, the kind of guy who followed the party line out of Moscow through the ups-and-downs of the Hitler-Stalin pact.

David Boaz (via Brad DeLong) spells out the details. I can't, however, really condone Boaz' bashing of the Little Red Schoolhouse which is near where I grow up and which I promise you isn't churning out little Communist footsoldiers.