Other Takes On Winners, Losers And Moments

Other reviews:

It was Hillary's night. (Jennifer Rubin)

"While the dominant dynamic of the night was between Clinton and Obama, it was former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) who seemed the boldest of the three in his call for bold action. (Chris Cillizza)

" Senator Clinton continued her weak and defeatist rhetoric on the War on Terror, Senator Obama continued to flail about with his advocacy for sex education for kindergartners, and the rest of the supporting cast were falling over each other to either raise taxes, spend more money or gain favor with special interests and the status quo running Washington, D.C." (Mitt Romney)


"The leading Democratic candidates have had three debate opportunities to utter the name of our nation's biggest enemy but have refused. America needs a leader who can not only say the words 'Islamic terrorists' but can also stand up to them. Tonight, voters shouldn't be surprised if the leading Democratic candidates once again refuse to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism is at the root of the Terrorists' War on Us." (The Giuliani campaign)

"Obama:" -- The Drudge Poll

"Score one for Edwards" (Chuck Todd)

The questions. (AP)

Everybody. (ABC News)