On Iraq, Intellectual Honesty from Clinton and Biden?

Gov. Bill Richardson dared his fellow candidates to debate him on the issue of residual troops in Iraq, and boy did they bite. Joe Biden was plain: it's extremely hard to withdraw troops, and you can't dare vote to cut off funding for them and leave them vulnerable in the process of withdrawing.

And Hillary Clinton seemed energized by the question.

Her "three point plan" starts with "moving" the troops out as quickly as possible. Clinton:

"I have done extensive work on this. We can probably move a brigade a month ...[more] if we really acceerate it. My point is, we're not even planning for that for it. Until we get this president and the Pentagon to begin to at least tell us they are planning to withdraw, we are not going to be able to start... With all due respect, we want to [withdraw]... safely and orderly and carefully. It's time for us to admit that it ['s going to be complicated]. Let's start right now."

It's very hard for Democrats to admit that withdrawing troops will take a lot of time and might make the troops even more vulnerable in the near term. Clinton and Biden seem to be arguing that as president, the American people will understand this dilemma and allow the new president some lee-way. Clearly, in a Clinton administration, it'd take quite a number of months before a hefty chunk of the troops would be home.

You can almost hear Clinton screaming silently at her opponents.. 'Do you guys have any idea what it takes to actually run a government?"