Ok, I'll Write About Dodd Cam. You Won.



This is today's schedule for D-TV. D-TV stands for Dodd-TV. Dodd, as in Chris Dodd. Dodd TV today advertises an unprecendented behind-the-scenes look at a presidential campaign.

It's a fun applet, and the Dodd campaign does seem to have have the market cornered on technology snazziness, but to what end?

D-TV Schedule
12:00 Chat with Communications Director Hari Sevugan
12:10 Live office camera
12:30 Chat with Deputy Campaign Manager Matt Butler
12:45 Live office camera
1:00 Chat with Policy Director Amos Hochstein
1:15 Live office camera
1:30 Chat with Internet Director Tim Tagaris
1:45 Live office camera
2:00 Chat with Political Director Scott Arceneaux
2:25 Live office camera
2:45 Chat with Scheduler Jennifer Goodman
3:15 Chat with Blogger Matt Browner-Hamlin
5:00 Nightly newscast
5:30 Chat with Finance Director Vince Frillici

Overheard in the Dodd TV Chat room:

NYChris: Why support Chris Dodd?
NYChris: We've seen YouTube and Myspace, Facebook
and more, but what's next for the Internet as it
relates to the campaign?