My Suspicious Mind


On one level, sure, it's nice to hear that no Republican Senators were willing to go on Chris Wallace's Fox News show, but on another level one needs to ask yourself why did Chris Wallace report that? Maybe he did it even thought it reflects poorly on the Bush administration just because, as a reporter, Wallace is in the business of reporting the facts.

Sorry, bad joke.

Presumably, the idea here is that we're supposed to believe that Republicans are shocked, shocked to find out that there's perjury happening in this attorney-general's office. Just as the fact that George W. Bush is a horrible president is supposed to be no reflection on conservatism, we, too, are supposed to believe that the fact that the Republican Party, with the complete and utter backing of every significant conservative institution in the country, fought tooth and nail, day after day, week after week, month after month to ensure that there was absolutely no oversight of the executive branch whatsoever is just totally unrelated to Gonzalez' unraveling.